If you have any questions, comments, or want to get in touch with me for any reason, please feel free to reach out. You can contact me through:β€’ Twitter: @DesignsYaka
β€’ Email Me:


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Commission Prices

Please note that these are starting prices and may vary based on the complexity and scope of your design. Final pricing will depend on your project's details and the number of items requested.All Prices are for a Digital Commercial Use License. Please read the COPYRIGHT POLICY for more details.

β€’ $15 for each emote.
β€’ Each emote comes in 112px / 56px / 28px PNG sizes.
β€’ The price of an emote may be changed depending on the complexity of its design/character.
β€’ You'll get 3 free Revisions, 2 revisions are allowed in the sketching stage. Once sketches are confirmed, only 1 revision will be allowed in the coloring stage.
β€’ +$5 for 1 additional revision.
β€’ +$5 for 1000px High-Resolution PNG. You can use it for stream scene overlays, alerts & social media posts.

β€’ $25 for each basic animated emote.
β€’ $40 for each medium animated emote.
β€’ $60 for each advanced animated emote.
β€’ Each emote comes in 112px / 56px / 28px GIF sizes.
β€’ The price of an emote may be changed depending on the complexity of its design/character.
β€’ You'll get 4 free Revisions:
2 revisions are allowed in the sketching stage. Once sketches are confirmed, only 1 revision will be allowed in the coloring stage, and 1 for the animating stage.
β€’ +$5 for 1 additional revision for the drawing stage.
β€’ +$7 for 1 additional revision for the animating stage.
β€’ +$5 for 1000px High-Resolution GIF. You can use it for stream scene overlays, alerts & social media posts.
- The GIF file format has a hard-coded limitation of 256 colors, which causes a loss of quality when the animation converts to GIF format.
- Twitch has a limit of 60 Frames for Animated Emotes.

β€’ $10 for each unique badge.
β€’ $5 for each recolored badge.
β€’ Each badges comes in 112px / 56px / 28px PNG sizes.
β€’ The badge price may be changed depending on the complexity of its design/character.
β€’ You'll get 3 free Revisions, 2 revisions are allowed in the sketching stage. Once sketches are confirmed, only 1 revision will be allowed in the coloring stage.
β€’ +$5 for 1 additional revision.
β€’ +$5 for 1000px High-Resolution PNG. You can use it for stream scene overlays, alerts & social media posts.

Ice Cream Sub Badges

β€’ Text Logo Design: Starting at $75
β€’ Mascot Logo: Starting at $150
β€’ Illustration Logo: Starting at $250
β€’ Logo Animation: Starting at $100

β€’ Stream Screens: $30 per screen
β€’ Stream Alerts (6 alerts: follower, donation, subscriber, buts, host, raid): $30
β€’ Live Overlay Bar: $30
β€’ Stream Panels: $30 for 20 panels +$2 for each additional panel.
β€’ Social Media Banner + Avatar (Twitch, β€’ X/Twitter, Facebook, YouTube): $35
β€’ Social Media Live Announcement: $30
β€’ Streaming Schedule: $30

β€’ Animated Alerts: Starting at $100 Per alert (Each alert animation has a base price of $100, but, if you request a color change for
additional alerts, each additional alert is $30 after the initial $100 base design. For example- You
purchase a single design for a New Follower Alert, your starting price is $100. If you want to add
New Donation Alert with a different color, but are using the same design as the Follower Alert,
then the starting price is $30 for that additional Donation Alert.)
β€’ Animated Screens: Starting at $90
β€’ Animated Overlay Bar: Starting at $60
β€’ Transition: Starting at $80

How to Commission

Before placing an order, please make sure my commissions are open, and you have READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY.
Please do not place a commission order on Ko-fi or send me any payment before your commission is confirmed, and I agreed to give you a slot and requested payment.

For Regular Commissions:For Ko-fi Commissions:
Check out the Commission Prices to decide if it is within your estimated budget.After contacting me. Go to my Ko-fi Commission Section, find the commission listing you want and Request It. If you like something that's not available on my Ko-fi let me know, and I'll set up a custom listing for you.
Please fill in this COMMISSION FORM as clearly as possible, provide as many details and references, be specific, and make sure all the information for the commission is on the form to avoid any misunderstandings.Follow the listing instructions, copy/paste the form listing in "Describe your request" and fill it!
Please don't worry if I didn't choose you this time or if all the slots are full. I will offer commission opportunities periodically.Upload your references in "Add attachment" and add any "Add-ons" if necessary.
Once your commission is reviewed and accepted, You'll be notified and requested to pay the PayPal invoice sent to you.Read the TERMS OF SERVICE and hit "I agree" to continue to finish the payment.

After confirmation of your payment, I'll add you to my Commissions Waitlist where you can track your commission progress.I will send you each commission stage (sketch, line, color, animation) for your approval before progressing to the next step, and you'll get revisions depending on the commission. So please make sure there is an accessible way to contact you on the form.For YCH "You Character Here" commissions via Ko-fi, I will keep you updated at each stage, starting with the base color to rendering and animation.Check the Process & Revisions section of the terms of service for more information.Once I finish your commission, you'll receive a Google Drive link with all the files. The link will be available for as long as Google keeps the account active, so make sure to make a copy and save the files to your hard drive.The average turnaround typically takes 2-6 business weeks, though this may fluctuate depending on factors such as health, the complexity of the commissioned piece, and the order size.

Terms of Service

This Terms Of Service Agreement is between the following parties:
DesignsYaka (herein referred to as β€œArtist”) and You, the customer commissioning and or buying from the artist (herein referred to as β€œClient”).
The above parties may be individually referenced as Party or collectively as
Parties. NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree to the following terms:

Whenever the client chooses to commission the artist, the client confirms that they read, understand, and agree to the conditions listed on the terms of service, and the client will be held responsible for violating them.
No Client And Service Provider Relationship is established until the payment has been made. The artist will not be liable for anything when this has yet to be established.The artist does not accept:
β€’ Payment with Exposure. (Shoutouts, Advertisements, Credit).
β€’ Delayed payment.
β€’ Digital currency.
β€’ NFT reselling or NFT promotion.
β€’ Using the artwork in any A.I Art generators.
β€’ Offensive or political content.
β€’ Hateful art, gore, and fetishes.
β€’ Pornography, explicit NSFW, and tasteful nudity.
β€’ Imitate others' art styles.
Prices are subject to change based on demand.The artist reserve the right to refuse any commission. Any inappropriate conduct from the client will not be accepted, and the artist will cancel the commission if the client does not follow the guidelines given.Be sure to read Twitch or any platform's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines before ordering artwork that may not be accepted. The artist cannot be held responsible if the artwork gets rejected by any platform.


All prices are stated in U.S. dollars. Payments will be made through PayPal invoices or Ko-fi.
The client has to pay the total cost in full in advance, and the artist will not start the commission until the total cost has been paid.The client should not place a commission order on Ko-fi nor send any payment before the artist has agreed to give the client a slot and requested the client to send the payment.The client order will be put in Queue only after the payment is completed.The client is responsible for paying the PayPal invoice as soon as they receive it.


The artist has the right to cancel and refund the payment for a commission whenever they deem it necessary.
The client has the right to cancel the commission for any reason if they have not yet paid the artist.The client can request a full refund if the artist has not provided the artwork (sketches included) at the time of a refund request.If the client has chosen to cancel the commission after they approved the sketches, or base color for YCH animated emotes, they are only eligible for a 50% refund to compensate for the artist's time. The client then receives the work as is.Once the artwork has entered the coloring stage, the client doesn't have the right to ask for a refund from the artist.No refunds will be allowed for any reason once the artist has finished the commission.Paypal specific:
β€’ If the client is getting a refund, they should not request a Paypal chargeback and must wait for the artist to transfer the money back to them.
β€’ If the client requests a Paypal chargeback at any point when they were not allowed to ask for a refund the client will lose all beforementioned rights to the commissioned piece and the artist will have the full right to profit further from it in any way. The artist will decline the chargeback and supply Paypal with conversations in which both parties talk about the commission as evidence that the artist has completed work for the client. Furthermore, the client will be blacklisted for commissioning the artist again.


If the client wants the commission processed as soon as possible and not delayed on the waiting list, they can request a priority order.
The artist accepts priority orders at an increased cost of between 50% more than the original total commission fee, depending on the length of the commission waiting list.Priority orders get the highest priority in the commission waiting list, so the artist will start it right after the payment is received, no matter what the client place on the waiting list.The artist will postpone the commissions with low priority and start working on the priority orders once they finish the current commission in progress.The progress of the current commission the artist is working on, and the priority orders waitlist determines the priority order process.Priority orders get priority if the current commission is still in the sketching stage and is not half-done.The artist will finish the current commission first if it's half-done, then they will start working on any priority orders right after.


The artist completes the commissions in the order they are received. First come, first served is the policy for all commissions unless the client pays for the priority order to prioritize their commission (check the Priority Order for details).Before beginning work on a commission, the artist will reach out to the client to confirm and verify the order is correct.After the commission is confirmed, accepted, and paid, the average turnaround typically takes 2-6 business weeks, though this may fluctuate depending on factors such as health, the complexity of the commission, and the order size.The artist will always try to work as fast as possible while keeping the client informed of the progress at each stage (sketch, line, color, animation). But as with everyone, artists can face unexpected difficulties. If there are any delays in completing a commissioned work, the artist will let the client know and politely request their patience.For YCH "You Character Here" commissions via Ko-fi, the artist will keep the client updated at each stage, starting with base color to rendering and animation.Delays in response to changes and artwork approval may result in delays. The artist will not be liable for any delays in the commission completion due to the client's delayed response.Once the commission is done, the client will receive a Google Drive link with all the files that were agreed upon, either via email or any other method of communication the client prefers.
The link will be available for as long as Google keeps the account active, so make sure to save the files to a hard drive.

Once the artist gets paid for the commission, they will start working on a sketch and send it to the client for revision.For basic emotes and sub badges the client gets 3 rounds of revisions on the commissioned work included in the price. Only 2 revisions are allowed in the sketching period. Once sketches are confirmed, only 1 revision will be allowed, like the color or small mistakes made by the artist can be changed.For animated emotes, the client gets 3 rounds of revisions same as basic emotes and sub badges, and an additional 1 revision for the animating stage.For YCH "You Character Here" animated emotes commissions via Ko-fi, the client gets 2 rounds of revisions.The client must know what they want to revise to avoid paying for extra revision. The client will need to pay extra for more than the given revisions unless a misunderstanding from the artist's side has been made.If the artist can't provide what the client wants with two revisions, the artist has the right to cancel the commission if they can't achieve the client's desired results.The artist will inform the client of the commission progress regularly, and it is requested that patience be exercised. If the artist experiences any feelings of pressure or hastiness, it will be deemed a breach of the terms of service and may result in commission cancelation.It is up to the client to make sure all and any desired changes are made while the work is in progress, as no changes are accepted once the commission is finished.Any significant changes will be allowed for an extra cost based on the time necessary to complete the changes.The client must be as specific as they can with the commission to avoid any extra costs caused by misunderstandings. If the client gives wrong information about an order, which leads to the artist needing to make changes, the artist has the right to charge for the extra work.If the client wishes to change something in the drawing they have previously approved, the artist will charge a fee to change it. The amount of the extra charge depends on the change the client wants to make and is usually based on an hourly wage.


The artist retains all copyrights over the commissioned artwork.
The artist will NOT claim the intellectual property (IP) of the commissioned artwork (your characters are still yours, etc.)The following is considered copyright infringement:
β€’ Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially without the artist's permission - means making money off it in any way not excluded from these terms.
β€’ Claiming the artwork as your own

The client is permitted to upload the commissioned artwork on any website and social channels (such as Twitch, Discord, and other social media platforms), but the client MUST ensure they give the appropriate attribution/credit to the artist.β€’ Ex. 'Emotes/Badges/Etc by @DesignsYaka on Twitter' anywhere that's visible and not temporary.
β€’ On Twitch, you can add a credit section in a Panel; Make a !Credits on chat; etc.
β€’ On YouTube, you can give credits on your bio.
β€’ On Discord, you can give credits in channels like "Welcome", "Rules", "Credits"
The client may NOT make profits from the commissioned piece (reselling, redistributing, uploading to POD services, making prints for selling, etc.). But the client has the freedom to customize the commissioned artwork and can make a physical copy for their own use so long as it's not being produced for commercial purposes.
The client must get permission from the artist to use or reproduce their artwork for commercial purposes (such as any activity in which you use a product or service for financial gain. Ex. merchandise; prints; books; advertisements; apps; etc), which can be done by filling out the appropriate art release form and paying an additional Commercial License fee.If the client uses the artwork for any commercial purposes without the artist's permission, the client will no longer be allowed to commission the artist, and all rights to the artwork will be taken away. Additionally, it will be made clear to the public that the client cannot be trusted.
The artist must be informed ahead of time if the commissioned artwork is intended to be used commercially, though the customer can pay the Commercial License fee after they have acquired the artwork if they so choose.

TypePriceRights of Use
Personal UseNo feeArtwork can be used as a profile picture, and posts on personal platforms (such as Twitch, Discord, and other social media platforms), but it cannot be used for any commercial or promotional form.
Digital Commercial Use100% of the price of the CommissionSuited for any Digital commercial use, such as promotional art, artwork for commercials or videos, stream overlays, social media banners, panels, and more.
Merchandise Commercial Use200% of the price of the CommissionSuited for Artwork that will be turned into physical Merchandise like body pillows, keychains, mugs, posters, prints, stickers, and more.

The artist is free to use/post the commissioned personal artwork on their social media, and personal platforms for self-promotion unless stated otherwise by the client. When it comes to commercial artwork, the artist will only share it if the client permits.The artist DO NOT own the copyrights to any Fanarts and Commissioned copyrighted art. All rights belong to their respective owners, and the artist cannot be held accountable for any copyright claims the client receives.



DesignsYaka Logo

My name is Yassine from Morocco. I'm a visual artist, and I enjoy making art, graphic design assets and animations. I love the challenge of creating something adorable and unique for my customers. It brings me great joy to know that my art is being used by people all over the world. And I'm so grateful to be able to share my creations with you through DesignsYaka. I hope that my art can bring a little bit of joy to your life.
I'm always open to new opportunities and collaborations, so if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact me through:β€’ Twitter: @DesignsYaka
β€’ Email Me:
I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact me

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to contact me for any reason, please don't hesitate to do so. You can easily send me an email by filling out the contact form below, or you can contact me through:
β€’ Twitter: @DesignsYaka
β€’ Email:

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